As described earlier, the definition on a skyscraper is minimum height of 150 meters (500 feet). Some of the building we have included is just below that. We have chosen to include because they stand out in the skyline of Beijing. Picture to the right show the mighty LG Twin Towers, from behind, with a height of 141 meter.

The buildings we will include in the book are the following;

– China World Trade Center
– Fortune Plaza
– Beijing Yintai Center
– Beijing TV Centre
– CCTV Headquarters- Jing Guang Center
– Pangu Plaza
– Silvertie Center Yintai Office PICC Office Tower
– Capital Mansion
– Huamao Center/China Central Place TV Culture Centre
– Beijing Goldfield Plaza
– Zhongguancun Financial Center
– Central International Trade Center


Buildings below 150 meter that also will be included in the book are the following;

– Beijing Silver TowerLG
– Beijing TowerCrown Tower
– Beijing World Financial Center
– Anzhen Building
– Cyber Tower
– Kerry Center
– Beijing Tengda Building

On this website we show a few of these buildings. The book will include a full set of pictures and facts for all buildings.

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