Pangu Plaza



Shaped like a dragon — and stretching the length of seven football fields — is a colossal row of stone buildings that boast a high-rise office tower, shopping mall, seven-star hotel (with 234 rooms) and what the developer insists is the world’s first traditional Chinese “courtyard in the sky.” The building where finished 2008, same years that the Olympic games was held. Close to Pangu Plaza you find the Olympic arena, The Birds Nest

Pangu 7 Star Hotel is a part of Pangu Plaza, a five-tower complex comprising a 45-floor 5A office tower, luxury serviced apartments, stylish restaurants, a high-end shopping mall and 21-storey Pangu 7 Star Hotel. Pangu Plaza was built by world-renowned, Taiwanese architect C.Y. Lee, architect of the 508-metre-tall Taipei 101, the secondtallest building in the world. The complex is designed in Lee’s trademark Chinese postmodernist style and resembles the form of a Chinese dragon. The hotel is the pinnacle of Pangu Plaza.

Feng Shui
Pangu Plaza and Pangu 7 Star Hotel have been fully designed according to ancient Chinese feng shui principles to bring prosperity and good fortune to their inhabitants. The building is defined as a ‘yang’ dragon. This is designed to complement the ‘yin’ of Dragon Lake in the adjacent National Forest Park. Pangu Plaza lies directly north of China’s seat of government at Zhongnanhai and the new National Centre for the Performing Arts, a corridor known as the ‘Dragon Vein’. The Dragon Vein forms a triangle with Financial Street in the west creating a pyramid of world economic and social development. The name Pangu references the creator of heaven and earth in Chinese mythology. The 7 Stars are an allusion to The Big Dipper or The Plough, the auspicious seven star constellation which has guided travellers since ancient times.

27 Central North 4th Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China

Facts and figures
Pangu Plaza consist of 5 buildings formed as a dragon with his head, body and tail.

Highest building is the Dragon head a 192 meter and 45 storey building.

Building material
Concrete, glass and steel. Details formed with white marble imported from Italy.

Facade colour, white

Architectural style, deconstructivism

Lat: 39°59’18.54″N
Long: 116°22’49.73″O

Book will have more pictures and facts.

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