Chinese architecture

Chinese architecture today has a blend of both new and old. Shown in the picture an old roof placed on top of a new small building connected to a newly built skyscraper. The painting and the green horse indicates that the house was used by a noble one collecting taxes for the emperor. Old China built upon a feudal construction, let warlords keep taxes if they protect the emperor. This house was just outside old Beijing and hence the owner obey directly to the emperor.

The Lion
Almost 2000 years ago, in the early Eastern Han Dynasty lions was introduced in connection with buildings. Lions carved in stone, one male and one female. Standing in front of the house, one at each side of the door. The male one to left, holding his foot on a ball. A ball that symbolize unity of the kingdom. The female lion holding her foot on a cub, thriving offspring.

Only people with higher rank where allowed to have the Lions in front of their houses. The rank was visible in how many lumps representing the the curly hair on the Lions. The highest rank, where officials of the first grade represented by 13 lumps. Then the lumps decreased down to seven lumps. Officials below that where not allowed to have lions.

Today lions are used by many companies and banks. Standing as guardians in front of the buildings. Lions that resemble the old style as well as modern lions. The picture with the strong modern lions guard the skyscraper owned by China Aluminum Company (中国铝业), more known as Golden Crown Building. The picture of the old style female lion is standing guarding The Beijing Anticue City (this pair is also for sale).

Some buildings has big censers instead of lions. Censers representing victory in war and the help from Buddha.The censers in the picture is standing in front of China Life Tower in Chaoyang District. The tallest building in Beijing Chaowai Business Circle.

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